Furriendly Neighbor Pet Care

Loving pet care for when you can't be there

Why should I hire a professional pet sitter?
  • Pets are happier and experience less stress at home
  • Diet and exercise rountines are uninterrupted
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated
  • Pet's exposure to illness is minimized
  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors need not be called
  • In-home professional pet care provides added peace of mind 
( Courtesy of Pet Sitters International)
Are you insured and bonded?
Yes, Furriendly Neighbor Pet Care is insured and bonded for your safety and peace of mind. The insurance and bonding is provided by Business Insurers of the Carolinas.
What is included in your visits?
All visits include feeding, fresh water, and of course lots of love and attention. Depending on the type of pet and their rountine I can customize to suit your needs. Please see Services & Rates page for more details.
Who will be caring for my pet(s)?
Furriendly Neighbor Pet Care is a local, independent business owned and operated by Ronda Cooper.  I have a very personalized approach to my business and currently  I am the only person who will be caring for your fur family. In the case of a highly unlikely extreme emergency I have the appropriate plans in place with other professional pet care providers.  Please know that you will always be notified and informed of any type of emergency.
What is the initial complimentary  "meet & greet " for ? 
This meeting is scheduled to meet you and your pets. We will discuss the services you need and ensure this is the right fit for all. I answer any questions you may have, go over your pet's feeding and routines. We also fill out paperwork, provide you with detailed policies and procedures, collect house keys and payment, and reserve your service dates on the schedule.
Do you charge per pet?
No! Charges are for the amount of time spent with your pet(s). Please see the Service & Rates pages for more information.
How much notice to you need to accommodate pet care visits?
Please contact Furriendly Neighbor as far in advance as possible. The general booking guidelines are:
Drop-in visits- (1x per day)  1-2 weeks in advance
Vacation visits-(2 or 3 x per day) 2-3 weeks in advance
I understand that things do come up short notice. As long as time and availability permits for proper care of your pets I will do my best to accommodate last minute requests . Please keep in mind that new clients must have a "meet & greet" pet care consultation prior to booking any service.
Why do you need a copy of my house key?
I require at least one method of entry to be a key, I ask that you provide two keys so one can be kept on file for back up. I appreciate knowing about other methods of entry such as garage codes and hidden keys however for reliability, safety, and liability I cannot use these as the only method of entry. 
All keys are coded and secured when not in use. I recommend you leave your key on file for the added ease and convenience of being ready for the next time you need Furriendly Neighbor's Pet Care services. If you choose to have your keys returned after you scheduled services , there is a $10 charge for key pick up prior to future visits. 
Do I need to have a "meet & greet" consultation every time I need pet care?
No need!  I would love to keep you as  an "established client". Your information is kept on file and ready for any visits/services you may need in the future. You simply call or email your requests to Furriendly Neighbor. Keeping a key on file allows for added convenience, short notice or emergency requests.
What will you do if my pet requires emergency veterinary care?
You will always be contacted first with any illness or injury situation to receive your instructions. If you cannot be reached, attempts will be made to reach your emergency contacts. If your pet is in a life threatening emergency, I will not hesitate to seek treatment from a veterinarian. Furriendly Neighbor Pet Care is not responsible for cost incurred from veterinary visits. More information is provided during your pet care consultation.
What areas do you serve?
Furriendly Neighbor provides service in Erie, Lafayette, Gunbarrel, Louisville and Anthem area of Broomfield.
How will I  know how my pets are doing?
I know how hard it can be to leave your pets! You have the option of having updates sent
daily via text messages or email.  I also have a daily journal to keep notes for you on all visits. You are always welcome to call during normal business hours if you have any questions or concerns.
What if pet needs medication?
I have the experience and knowledge to administer medications to dogs and cats. I understand the importance of a regular routine for medications and will discuss with you the times that are needed and plan the visits accordingly. There is no extra charge for giving medications during visits.
Do you have a plan in place for inclement weather and/or other emergencies?
Yes, I have an emergency protocol in place. In the case of inclement weather every effort is made to do the very best to accommodate your visits as planned. In the case of complete road closures and I cannot get to your location you will  be notifed and/or your emergency contacts if necessary.  
How will I pay for the service?
Personal checks, Cash, Money Orders are accepted for payment. Credit card payments arranged via PayPal.
When you book your service you will receive a confirmation and invoice with the option to pay via PayPal for credit card payment.